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The HCCPHS family upholds a culture of high expectations, ownership, collaboration, and academic rigor.  We facilitate authentic, quality learning experiences that advance students’ post-secondary pathways and develop real-world interpersonal expertise.



HCCPHS is a New Technology High School (NTN) that also focuses on advance academics - Pre AP, AP, and Dual Credit. This means our students learn through project-based learning. Our project-based experiences allow students to grow and apply their content knowledge and 21st century skills, develop their socio-emotional abilities, and focus on college and career readiness.


  • Honors-level program of study for all to prepare for college-level coursework
  • Standards-based curriculum that holds all students to high expectations
  • Engaging instruction that emphasizes learning through inquiry
  • Projects with real-world connections
  • Emphasis on creative and critical thinking
  • Differentiated instruction that meets the learning needs of each student
  • Interdisciplinary approach
  • Scaffold exposure to college-level instruction and college courses
  • Daily schedule and yearly calendar structured to extend learning



  • Collaborative environment that embraces diversity
  • Foundation of respect for self and others
  • Staff commitment to motivate and inspire students
  • Mentoring of students
  • Advisory that supports academics and culture
  • Construction of peer culture that supports each other’s success
  • Family involvement that supports student success
  • College partnership that reinforces college-going culture
  • Clear student behavioral norms



  • Multiple modes of academic support
  • Data-driven approach to curriculum, instruction, and school design
  • Shared leadership and collective decision-making
  • Student voice and role in shaping school direction
  • Use of common tools to ensure consistent academic expectations
  • Multi-faceted staff development that continuously improves teaching quality
  • Leader who serves as “keeper of the flame,” reinforcing mission and culture
  • Hiring and development of staff with skills and values to fulfill school mission