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Scholarship Opportunities

Don't forget that you will need to apply for a lot of scholarships in the hopes of getting a few. That is the key to the game.


Do not be afraid to write essays - many of them are like college application essays so you can use the same ones if they pertain to the subject requested.


GOING MERRY is the platform that the district uses.

Complete the profile information as detailed as possible to narrow down best scholarships for you!


Local scholarships - the district will put out a packet of local scholarships on January 29, 2024 and end March 4, 2024

These scholarships will also be completed using the Going Merry platform – after you complete your profile, they will be under the local scholarship tab.






American Legion Scholarships

Deadline: Depends on Scholarship

Scholarship Guidelines and Application


Gandy Ink

10 - $1000 Scholarships annually. Applications are open March 1st – April 15th.

Candidates must be high school seniors planning to attend a college or university during the immediate fall semester.

Winners will be announced by May 1st.


Click to Apply for Gandy Ink Scholarship