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The FAFSA opened with a "soft opening," meaning that the site will go up and down periodically as it is monitored for accuracy and problems. This delay in the FAFSA opening is causing a VERY quick turnaround for this year's FAFSA applicants - so be sure you log in and complete the steps necessary to ensure the smoothest transition.

FAFSA Application

You will need to...

  1. CREATE YOUR FAFSA ID IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY DONE SO! Students and at least one parent/guardian will each need to create a FAFSA ID
  2. Have completed and FILED 2022 tax returns with the IRS!

ANOTHER REMINDER - FAFSA information will NOT be sent to colleges until January 31, 2024. Colleges are saying that they will likely take at least a month to process FAFSA information (students should start seeing award letters sometime after March 2024).

FAFSA Application Priority Deadline: March 15th

Now is the time to make sure you complete your part of the FAFSA and be patient as the colleges process all the forms!!

You may not need FAFSA for financial aid, but you will most likely need it for Scholarships/Grants and other things.

FAFSA is a requirement for graduation from high school!

Students should start to receive award letters beginning sometime in March.

FAFSA determines eligibility for Federal financial aid.

FAFSA is usually required for Scholarship applications.

*FAFSA is a grad requirement*