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College Visits

Verification Form


Juniors and Seniors are allowed two excused absences for college visits. The College Visitation Verification Form must be completed, signed, and dated by an appropriate official from the institute of higher education visited by the student. Please turn in the completed form to the Front Office (Mrs. McMillan or Mrs. Byrd). Forms can be picked up in the Front Office with Mrs. McMillan or Mrs. Byrd.



Visiting Colleges? Questions to Ask College Admission Counselors


* What percentage of students graduate in 4 years? What percentage of double majors graduate in 4 years?

* Do students apply to the school, or to a particular major?


* Does the major you are interested in have the chance to have internships and are they a common part of the educational experience?


* Is there support to help students find an internship?


* What services does the career center offer?


* Is there a study abroad program?


* If I study abroad, how does that impact the time it takes to graduate?


* How accessible are professors?


* How large are the largest classes? How small? Average class size?


* What are some examples of clubs and activities available to students?


* Are there academic support services on campus such as tutoring and writing centers?


* How does the school assist students with career planning and job placement?


* How easy is it to double major?


College Planning Checklist

Research Colleges and Majors


Narrow College List

Research Admissions


* Using Your SchooLinks Account - you can access it through the District website on Classlink


* Big Future is a great research tool! Includes Career Interest Quiz.


* College Visit Checklist


* Virtual Campus Tours


* The Princeton Review Virtual Tours


* College Scorecard - US Department of Education