Welcome to Hill Country College Preparatory High School

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Our Falcon Family welcomes you to Hill Country College Preparatory High School! As a school of choice within Comal ISD, HCCPHS has a strong focus on academics and college readiness skills and offers a unique experience for students to reach their college and career goals. The campus offers a STEAM focus with various electives such as computer science, cyber security, and engineering.
Ideal candidate criteria for our campus include students that have:
- Individual determination.
- A desire to achieve in advanced academic courses.
- A desire to learn and invest themselves in a STEAM curriculum.
- Determination to achieve As and Bs.
- A desire to attend college and pursue post-secondary opportunities.
- A willingness to work hard to achieve their goals.
- The recommendation by their school faculty.
- Motivation to attend classes regularly and collaborate with their peers. 
Our dedicated staff of educators look for ways to support our students and facilitate project-based learning opportunities through a rigorous curriculum. Making real-world connections and improving their soft skills allow our students to be better prepared for their futures after high school. 
Our collaborative classroom environment fosters critical thinking skills, personal development, and service in a global society. We encourage innovation, foster collaboration, and invest in our students to facilitate learning that builds excitement and curiosity. 

Our goal is to make HCCPHS a welcoming and respectful place where students embrace growth, advocate for themselves and others, and work positively towards discovering their personal "why." 
With our A rating and multiple distinction designations, including Academic Achievement in English Language Arts/Reading, Mathematics, Science, Top 25 Percent: Comparative Closing the Gaps, and Postsecondary Readiness, you can be confident in the high-quality education and support you will receive here.
We look forward to seeing our Falcons soar and reach new heights of their potential!
We value our current families and look forward to meeting new ones. Join us at Hill Country Preparatory High School!  
Julie Wiley
Let us know if you'd like to come by for a visit, 830.885.9000.